Where: Roosevelt Hotel, New York City
Duration:Two days
When:Mid November
Student Price: Yes

I found out about the Billboard Touring Conference about five days before it took place, and also about a week before I was flying to London (not Ontario) for the Ultimate Seminar. Now normally, most people would probably think that it would be insane to go to two different countries, for two different conferences, in the span of 5 days. However, after seeing the agenda and speakers lined up for the Billboard Touring Conference, I knew that it would be crazier not to attend. And for such a last minute event that I was extremely indecisive about until literally a few days before, I could not be happier with my decision of attending it.

Touring is one of, if not the most important part and the main revenue source of any artists’ career in today’s industry which makes understanding its different aspects and current trends extremely vital. Over the course of two days in Manhattan, New York, the Billboard Touring conference explored the different aspects related to touring from some of the most educated and experienced people in the industry, which created an incredible learning experience and networking opportunity for attendees of all ages and involved in almost every aspect of the industry.
Unlike other conferences that I have previously attended which had multiple key-notes taking place at once, the Billboard Touring Conference had a set agenda, with only one session at a time, all taking place in one main room. The different keynotes discussed multiple topics related to touring, its current trends, technology, marketing, its significance in an artists’ career, *takes deep breath*, how its influenced by streaming, what to do when things go wrong on tour, as well as case studies with Brad Paisley and Sydney Sierota from Echosmith. On top of analysing the different sides of touring, the conference also discussed with top agents, A&R, and artist managers involved with artists such as Jason Aldaen, Billy Joel, and Echosmith to examine their roles in this side of the business. Other speakers included top promoters, record company and media executives from major companies such as Live Nation, Ticketmaster, Superfly, Spotify, Pandora, Warped Tour, Billboard, and many others.
Hearing the different opinions, advice and experience from some of the most knowledgeable and accomplished people in the industry provided all audience members with an honest, and accurate perspective of today’s touring business that was relevant and valuable for individuals of all ages, and at any career level. Thanks to Billboard for an incredible two days, I thoroughly enjoyed the conference and will definitely be attending again.

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