Location: Sheraton Centre, Toronto
Duration: Three Days
When: Early May
Student Price: Yes

Canadian Music Week is a ten-day festival in Toronto, hosting events throughout its entire duration including concerts in venues across the city, conferences, and awards shows, bringing together the entire Canadian music industry. The Three Day Music Summit was one of the conferences being hosted, and focused primarily on the importance of social media, live touring, and music creators. The three-day event offered a global perspective of the music industry along with detailed, relevant and useful information that was beneficial for all audience members.
Each of the three days of the event focused on separate topics, their importance in the industry, combined with the opinion and advice of industry leaders. Day one was the “Social Music Summit” and focused primarily on social media, it’s impact on the music industry, new methods of music discovery, digital marketing and distribution, the opportunities that it creates for musician, and how to affectively use the different platforms of social media in order to develop fans in 2015. The second day, “Live Touring Summit, examined the role of touring in the music industry, its vitality in an artists’ career, the different issues affecting it, and its current position 2015. The third and final day was the Global Creators Summit which focused on information for music creators, including their rights, as well as how to collect royalties.

When I attended the conference in 2015, the audience comprised of individuals of all ages involved with record labels, booking agents, A&R, artist managers, promoters, music tech companies, producers, publishers, music supervisors, songwriters, musicians, and artists. The range of individuals coming from different sectors of the industry, most of which already involved and working in the business, created an incredible networking opportunity for all participants.

The speakers at the conference also came from different sectors of the music industry, and were involved with many renowned artists and companies, which brought incredible information and advice to the conference. As well as having the opportunity to ask the speakers questions during the Q&A at the end of each session, most of the speakers made themselves available to speak to audience members once their key-note had finished. The different sessions varied from workshops, keynotes, presentations, panels, interviews, and case studies, with about one or two occurring at the same time to allow people to attend those which were most relevant to them.

The Canadian Music Week three-day music summit was an incredible opportunity to gain detailed knowledge about core aspects of the music industry, develop valuable contacts, and seek advice from renowned industry leaders. Whether you are an artist, already involved in an aspect of the industry, or just getting started, I would definitely recommend this conference and can’t wait to attend again in 2016!

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