Drake converted the Air Canada Centre into a “Jungle” of fans at his concert in Toronto last night (terrible pun obviously intended)

Drake had no trouble uniting a crowd of 19,800 fans at the Air Canada Centre last night in Toronto for his Jungle Tour where his incredible production maintained an ongoing level of energy and excitement throughout the entire show. From preteens with their parents to people in their mid-thirties chugging beers and smoking joints in the crowd (I’m still not sure where I fit into that), Drake was able to connect with everyone present. From fans in the front row all the way to those in the back corners of the 300’s sections, Drake maintained a close connection with every fan, resulting in the unison of an entire arena screaming every lyric with the same amount of passion that he performed with.

Drake’s 90 minute set was composed mostly of songs from his mix tape “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late” which was released earlier this year, with the occasional throwback to one of his hits from older albums. His level of excitement of being back in his hometown of Toronto was obvious by the passion in his performance, and his constant reminders of his love for the city which built up the exhilaration that filled the arena from start to finish. The focus of the show was solely on him, his music, and his relationship with his fans; no one accompanied Drake on stage, and even the keyboardist, drummer and DJ were hidden away in the corners of the stage. From lights that illuminated fully to emphasize the beats in his songs, to both fire and firework effects on stage, to a stage set-up of a jungle that represented the name of his tour, and last but definitely not least, confetti of money that fell from the ceiling (NOT real money… I wish the people behind me had known that), Drake knew exactly what his audience wanted to see, and delivered it specifically to them, creating one of the most amazing productions that I have ever seen.

The most amazing part of Drakes’ show was the evident and amazing intimacy that he has with his fan base despite the diversity in their demographics. Every single person that filled the arena was a genuine, hard-core Drake fan, who knew every word, to every song, and were there solely for his music and to have an amazing time. The dedication of his fan base was incredible, and it made the show that much more amazing.

Missed the show? Listen to our Drake Jungle Tour playlist on Spotify of the entire setlist that he performed and tell all your friends you went (it’s close enough right?).