Anyone who knows me well enough knows that I’m obsessed with Gary Vaynerchuk. His motivational content, useful strategies for growing businesses, authentic and giving character, dedication to his fans, drive to help people, and his personal story of business success are motivational factors in my life that constantly push me to hustle and strive for success.

Gary’s advice is universal, and can be applied to anyone watching, regardless of what business they are in. One industry he has shared incredible advice for has been the music industry, on which he has discussed various topics with incredible guest speakers and artists including Eric Thomas, Fat Joe, Krewella, and Wyclef. He has shared his advice and opinion on how to effectively use social media, how to find audiences to reach out to, using influencers to promote your music, the changing dynamics of the industry, collaborations, creating incredible live events, and overall, how to create success and a career as an artist.

Here are all the videos in which Gary has spoken directly about the music industry, and all the incredible knowledge that any artist can apply directly to their careers.

1. What musicians are doing better in social #AskGaryVee Episode 149: London Calling

Skip to 7:52. Gary talks about the trends the massive influencers in the music industry are doing on social media to influence fans and build their careers. “The musicians who are doing it best are the ones that understand the framework that created the greatest bands and artists of all time, which is providing value”.

Best takeaway:  Gary says that the artists who are doing the best are the ones who are replying to fans, creating random meet ups, wishing people a happy birthday, and even randomly knocking on fans’ doors. Whoever is doing the things that nobody else is doing that fans want.

2. I’m a music producer. How can I use social to promote my content? #AskGaryVee Episode 2: Tools, Sheep, and Rihanna

Skip the 3:18. Gary gives incredible advice on promoting content to music fans on social media and how to find and reach out to your target audiences.

Best takeaway: Don’t over post your music with no clear target audience hoping someone will watch it. Instead, look for the people you want to target and and reach out to them. Search every single person tweeting about Rihanna’s music, and jump in and engage with them (authentically, NOT tweeting them a link to your track).  Then change the link in your profile (or pinned tweet) to the direct link to your track, so that when people visit your page to see who you are the first thing they find is content that they will enjoy.

3. I’m a songwriter. I’ve invested in several giveaway items to form a street team. Any additional ideas to publicize my record? #AskGaryVee Episode 202

Skip to 25:49. Gary talks about the importance of influencers and how they are the biggest arbitrage for attention at the lowest possible cost right now.

Biggest takeaway: Spend two hours a day searching hashtags on Instagram and reaching out to people putting out stuff around the thematics of names of songs or genres of music to get your music used by influencers.

4. As a rapper, what’s the best marketing tips to implement? Should I treat music like an entrepreneur would his product? #AskGaryVee Episode 223

Eric Thomas, motivational speaker, author and minister, talks about the important of determining a specific audience to target so that you are reaching out to people who will feel closely connected to the music you create.

Best takeaway: Make one person every day like you music by liking them first. Go to Twitter and search people talking about music similar to yours, become apart of the community and love them until they love you back.

5. How do artists hook up and collaborate with each other? Does a producer or agent arrange it? Fat Joe, Hip Hop and Business Collaborations & Marketing Music | #AskGaryVee 218

Skip to 5:31. Fat Joe, American rapper, and Gary talk about the importance of reaching out to people to form collaborations, and not letting your ego get in the way.

Best takeaway: To win, you have to equally pull at ego and humility. If you want it, go out and get it, don’t wait for people to come to you.

6. What do you think of people like Chance the Rapper releasing a lot of his music for free as a marketing strategy? Fat Joe, Hip Hop and Business Collaborations & Marketing Music | #AskGaryVee 218

Skip to 9:55. Fat Joe, American rapper, talks about how releasing music for free builds relevancy, keeps fans engaged, shows a hustle, and proves your dedication to the art.

Best takeaway: Either you’re running a marathon or doing a sprint. Giving content away for free builds stronger and more meaningful relationships with people who will show more love and appreciation for you.

7. What is the most important/ best aspect of a live music event/ experience? Fat Joe, Hip Hop and Business Collaborations & Marketing Music | #AskGaryVee 218

Skip to 11:20. Fat Joe, American Rapper, talks about how at every show he plays, every ticket tells a different story. He realizes that his fans may  have to work harder or do extra hours, borrow money, sell something that they really love just to see him live, which is why he knows that it is his obligation to give it his all at every show.

Best takeaway: Whether you are playing locally or touring arenas, understand the effort that people go through to see you perform live and always make it worth it for them by showing your appreciation and putting on an incredible show.

8. There are so many good producers out there right now. What separates the artists that get all this promotion and a few royalties here and there and the artists who actually get to make a living in music? Krewella, Social Media for Musicians & the Business of Music | #AskGaryVee Episode 215

Skip to 6:06. Krewella, American electronic dance music duo, talks about their appreciation for experimentation when it comes to producing, and the ability to create a song that is more than just about a build and a drop.

9. Making connections is a huge part of the music industry. For somebody who is starting out, where do I start? Wyclef, Dealing with Rejection & How to Make it in the Music Industry | #AskGaryVee Episode 212

Skip to 2:38. Wyclef, Haitian rapper, musician and actor, talks about how making connections in the music industry is a lot easier now with the internet and that it is an incredible opportunity to finding the right people and building your own audience.

Best takeaway: The internet has become a middle man for exposing your music to the right people, and in the universe that is the internet, there will always be a group of people who can relate to the art that you create, so go find them.

10. If you were in charge of the music industry, where would you take it? #AskGaryVee Episode 183: The Future of the Music Industry, Crush It!, and Anchor as Podcasting App

Skip to 14:48. Gary talks about the changes in the music industry, and how the value of music is determined by what the market is willing to pay for it. The market is the market, if music brings people value, they will be compelled to buy it.

Best takeaway: The changing market affects the realities of artists and how they make a living. Now, artists may have to hustle, like their fans, take selfies with them, do more live events because that’s just the way it is. All the other variables besides just the song are what will influence people.