This is it. The moment you’ve been waiting for. The night you’ve been counting down to. The lights dim. People start to scream. … AND THERE THEY ARE!!!! Wait… is that an amp or the lead singer? Having trouble deciding? Ya, you probably need better seats.
As much as seated events are convenient for having a reserved seating and avoiding having to line up, its basically impossible to get good seats because they seem to sell out on Ticketmaster in less than 0.1 seconds and then get resold for about the same price as all the tickets combined. So how do you get good tickets for a seated concert without having to sell all your belongings? Here are some tips that work all the time, and for every show.

Tip #1: Be really lame and go alone.
I know, the thought of going alone to a concert sounds terrible. It’s heartbreaking. Its bringing tears to your eyes just thinking about. But who even talks during a concert anyway? Oh ya, no one. Seriously, as much as buying a single ticket sounds really lame (even I try and avoid admitting it to people when I do it) it usually guarantees that you’ll get amazing seats at a lower price just because scalpers are more desperate to get rid of them. This method works best when buying tickets off Ticketmaster because the only seats left close to the front will be single. It’s usually harder to find single seats on sites such as Stubhub because most of the tickets are only sold in pairs, however, there are always really good single seats that eventually get put on the site, you just have to wait and look for them.
REMINDER: Buying a single ticket DOES NOT mean going to a concert alone, it just means sitting alone. Whenever I buy a single ticket it’s usually because my friends are doing the exact same thing. Go to the venue with you friends, watch the concert alone, and then meet back up with them at the end and talk about how amazing it was. TRUST ME, it’s not as lame as it sounds.

Tip #2: Wait until the last minute possible… literally.
Unless you’re the type of person who miraculously gets front row seats off Ticketmaster (in which case I want to be friends with you), waiting until a few days before a concert to buy tickets is usually the best way to get good seats without being ripped off. I know, the thought of waiting until days before a concert to buy tickets is almost as stressful as going alone, but trust me, unless you want to pay three times the original price of your ticket (which WILL eventually drop in price anyway) start looking for tickets on resale sites MAXIMUM a week before the concert. The longer you wait, the lower prices will be, and the better your seats will be.
For example, my friend once bought an amazing seat for over $1000 months before her concert. I mean, it WAS an AMAZING seats, but fast forward to the day of the concert and I basically bought the exact same seat for around $300. Enough said.

Tip #3: Go to Box Office
A percentage of tickets for an event generally go straight to box office which makes it a guaranteed way to get tickets at face value. But if you’re going to box office, do yourself a favour and don’t wait all day like I did the first time I used this strategy. Tickets are sold throughout the day of an event, but the best seats generally don’t start getting sold until about 6pm… which I didn’t know.

Tip #4: Use Resale Sites
Despite the fear of being ripped off that most people associate with resale sites, they’re actually really convenient especially if you’re as picky as I am about choosing your own seats. The advantage with resale sites is that you can literally get any seat you want if you’re willing to pay a bit for it. Or, if you don’t feel like selling a leg in order to afford the tickets on resale sites, refer back to Tip #2 and wait until a few days before a concert. Trust me. Prices WILL drop. You just have to be patient.
My only suggestion is to be careful when buying tickets off resale sites because there is always the chance of being ripped off or of buying a fake ticket. Stubhub is generally the site that most people use because the tickets are verified and are all (hopefully) genuine.But ALWAYS be cautious when using these sites. If an amazing ticket seems too good to be true, it usually is.

Want more tips? Come back tomorrow for How to Get Amazing Seats for General Admission Concerts