Developing a following in the foundation of everything. If you want to get on major playlists, play festivals, play bigger venues, or even get paid a decent amount at shows in your city, you need to make people care, which usually happens with the ability to draw out an audience. The first step to anything major is having a developed fan base, however knowing how to do so is usually a gray area filled with a lot of fluffy and empty statements, leaving artists confused and resorting to spamming Facebook groups.

At the Kismet Thoughts Music Industry Meet Up on July 9th, three groups were created, each with the task of having to come up with useful, unique, easy, low-cost, and realistic ways for young artists to grow a following at the beginning of their careers. Although the tips offered by each group varied, they were all based off of the fundamental practices of relationship building, consistency, authenticity, and hard-work. This activity was inspired by young artists developing a fan base, however, the tips can be used in any growing business in the music industry. Here’s the full video of what the Kismet group came up with.