Kismet Meetup #2: Social Media Marketing (Focus on branding and video)

Artist Branding

  • Helps an artist personally connect with fans: it’s not just about releasing music
  • If two bands play the same type of music and are equally good, but one has a clear, defined overall image that is reflected through their music, fans will go to them
  • Don’t force your image: don’t try to be someone you’re not. Regardless of who you are, there will be a certain group of people who will always be able to relate to you, so don’t try to alter your personality on social media/ live shows (ex. If you’re an introvert)
  • Selling your brand: it’s about making one friend at a time. If a band has a lot of friends, they’ll always get a good turnout to their shows. Be a politician and sell yourself one person at a time and be 100% confident in who you are/ your music
  • Be yourself, but louder
  • Mailing lists: still important. If a fan is giving you their email, they want to see your stuff. A way to communicate with fans without having your info lost in the mass of posts like on Twitter/ Ig/ FB
  • Don’t make excuses for not being active on social media: if Gary Vaynerhcuk has time to tweet fans every day, so do you. Making the effort to get to know fans/ for them to get to know you can be the defining difference between someone who buys your album and someone who lines up for your show
  • If you are offering fans an incredible experience (meeting them after shows, tweeting them back, being engaging and authentic) people will be more intrigued to listen to you/ see what you are offering
  • At the end of the day, your sound is probably not that unique, so people need to be able to relate to more than just the music
  • Sometimes being relatable/ offering an incredible experience for fans can trump having amazing music- even if an artist is just OK but fans can relate to them, they’ll support them (reminder: at the beginning of her career, Taylor Swift only had a decent voice, but she spent time after every show meeting fans, and had an extremely relatable overall message that people could connect with)


Social Media Marketing (mostly video)

  • Understanding different platforms and markets, knowing where your fans go, where they are spending their time (for example, the band that Vanessa mentioned who had a huge following on Youtube who eventually all moved over to Facebook video, so the band had to adjust)
  • Constantly adjusting as your audience does
  • What can you share that will be valuable for people?
  • Everyone has hobbies and interests outside of music: share that with people- humanizes your brand and allows people to know you past the music
  • FB vid vs. Youtube vid: Facebook video has auto-play= more value: anything that can catch people’s attention. If within the first three seconds I’m interested, then I’ll keep watching (like Ryan with the turtle vid)
  • Facebook video offers data: Understanding what kind of content your audience likes: comparing the views from different vids (what made fans like one vid more than another?), what is the best video length for your audience (who stopped watching after 2 minutes? Who watched the whole video?)
  • If an artist only has a small following and doesn’t make the effort to tweet/ message people back, they’ll automatically come off as a dick and make people less inclined to support them
  • As much as engagement as key, be careful with how many people you follow back: having the same amount of followers/ following can risk people being less likely to take you seriously
  • Doing something for fans that takes the extra time is always more memorable and creates a more intimate and valuable artist/ fan relationship (for example, Casey received a personal – not automated- DM from an artist in the UK after following her which made her more inclined to stay updated with that artist’s posts/ new music)
  • Lifestyle videos: huge for teenagers right now, and can be a great opportunity for artists to promote their tours/ shows: they generate the excitement created at your show, make people want to attend to be a part of that (I’ll post a link to one in the group)
  • Lifestyle videos are an extremely visual/ interesting/ captivating way of keeping fans entertained and updated. They generate excitement/ word of mouth and expose people to a lifestyle/ experience that they either want for themselves or want to be a part of