Image by Christopher Nelson

I often write about the importance of creating a fan experience that is unique, meaningful, and genuine which is done when an artist constantly makes the effort for fans to ensure that they always feel appreciated. However, some artists quickly become opposed and intimidated by the idea, simply due to their belief that this means having to please each fan individually. This is a myth. Creating an incredible and memorable experience for fans does not mean having to tweet or follow every single person back, make eye contact with every fan in a crowd, or meet everyone. I’m not trying to even merely suggest that it is, because that’s essentially impossible to even come close to accomplishing. I want to clarify that as a fan, it is not always about what a single person gets from an artist, rather the overall effort that artist consistently makes for all of their fans. Whenever an artist does something truly unique and incredible for a fan, the action creates a ripple effect of appreciation which almost always circulates on social media because fans get excited seeing their favorite artist go out of their way for someone just like them. The action becomes to represent more than what was done for a single person, but the overall genuine gratitude that an artist has for their entire fan base. Seeing an artist make the effort for other fans validates people’s beliefs in them, and shows that although it may not happen to them or for every person, the artist is genuinely doing their best to make the effort for fans whenever they can, and that’s all a fan wants.