I know what you’re thinking. “A guy with a guitar… really?” YES… REALLY. Trust me, having gone to multiple concerts, some of which were in small intimate venues and others which were the highest grossing tours of the year, I can honestly say that I have never attended a concert as amazing as Ed Sheeran’s (yes, the guy with the guitar).

So what makes a show with no stage props, no background dancers, no flashy lights that distract you from the actual singer and no costumes so amazing? The pure, genuine, raw talent. Ed Sheeran’s passion is evident in every song he plays; he strums his guitar with intensity and merges it perfectly with the raspiness (not a word) of his voice which fades to a softness and delicacy that leaves only goosebumps in its path. Not convinced yet? How about intimacy beyond belief that he creates. I know what you’re thinking… again. “Intimacy and arena do NOT belong in the same sentence”. WELL… now they do. Ed has the unique ability to control his fans which is a very rare quality among major artists nowadays. While most large- scale concerts consist of fans that scream when the singer does as little as sneeze, Ed has the ability to convert an arena sized audience singing loudly to his single “Sing” to a completely silent crowd which he is able to sing acapella to. Oh… and then there’s the loop pedal. A loop pedal records short sequences of audio and replays them in a repeating sequence which Ed uses to add complexity and layers to his performance. So no, NOT just a guy with a guitar, now he has a loop pedal.

Ed Sheeran’s set list consists of mostly songs from his most recent album “X” such as hit singles “Sing”, “Don’t” and “Photograph” with a variety of song from his debut album “+” such as “The A- Team”, “Lego House”, and “Give me Love” and covers of other songs like “Fancy”, “No Diggity”, and “Loyal”. You can find the full set list posted below, however, Ed has the habit of changing his set lists, so don’t come to me accompanied by an angry crowd with pitchforks if he changes a few songs.

Ed Sheeran is genuinely in my opinion one of the most talented singers and performers right now, and I believe that it’s due to the fact that he struggled for many years while trying to break into the industry. While building his career he was told many times to change his style and sound, however, he has always remained true to himself which has resonated with fans and myself personally. I find that his performances radiate his appreciation of everything that he has achieved, and the constant hard work that he has always put into his career, which for me is the most special and amazing part of his performances.

So have I finally convinced you to see the guy with a guitar (and loop pedal) this summer? Just kidding, that wasn’t a question. Check out his summer tour dates on http://www.ticketmaster.ca/Ed-Sheeran-tickets/artist/1560779?tm_link=tm_homeA_rc_name4 and watch his performance live in Dublin on May 10 2014 below.

“X” Tour Setlist
1. I’m a Mess
2. Lego House
3. Don’t/ Loyal/ No Diggity/ Nina
4. Drunk
5. Take it Back/ Superstition/ Ain’t no Sunshine
6. Photograph
7. Bloodstream
8. Make it Rain
9. Kiss Me/ Thinking Out Loud
10. Feeling Good/ I see Fire
11. All the Stars
12. The A- Team
13. Give Me Love
14. You Need Me, I Don’t Need You/ In Da Club/ Fancy
15. Sing