The title of “Best Band of all Time” is and can be rightfully given to many bands throughout history, but is wasn’t until I saw The Rolling Stones live that I could confidently assign them with it. Whether or not the The Rolling Stones’ music is for you, the music history that they represent, their influence on culture and society, and the amazing community that have created is undeniable. Even after over 50 years since they were put together in 1962, they have outlasted most bands, and continue to tour and surpass people’s expectations with their consistent amazing performances.
Wherever I seemed to go on the day of my Rolling Stones concert on June 27, Rolling Stones fans from all over the country could all be seen proudly wearing their old concert t-shirts as a badge of honour to fill Kansas City with an intense atmosphere of extreme excitement and anticipation. From the day before the concert to hours before it started, people from the furthest geographical locations, with seemingly nothing in common were compelled to talk to one another when noticing each other’s matching t-shirts. Suddenly, in the midst of discussing how many Stones concerts that they had been to (I wasn’t part of any of these conversations), and drinking around the hotel pool (another thing I couldn’t take part in), a community of the most diverse people was created with the simple mutual passion for the Rolling Stones.
When the concert finally started, the incredible Stones experience continued and only got better and more special. The first amazing thing about it was that as soon as the lights went down and Jagger, Richards, Watts, and Wood came on stage, the whole concept of age was redefined. Fans who seemed like typical, working parents suddenly became careless, happy and young fans of this amazing band. They danced, sang, laughed, and were proof of this incredible Stones community. Even the band, who are now all in their seventies, did anything BUT remind the crowd of their ages. Jagger spent the entire two hour performance dancing across the huge stage (which made even me tired just from watching) while somehow maintaining great vocals.
Finally, the most amazing part of this concert was the atmosphere that was created while watching and hearing them live. Witnessing their set list which consisted mostly of songs from the Sticky Fingers album was like being a part of something bigger than myself; hearing songs that were written about social issues, and events from as far back as the early sixties was like getting a glimpse at the cultures and societies that they were written during. Hearing Gimme Shelter live was honestly one of the most hauntingly beautiful experiences that I’ve ever witnessed; the intense emotion and passion created in that song was enhanced by Lisa Fischer’s amazing vocals and could be felt by every fan in the audience. The atmosphere that The Rolling Stones are still able to consistently create concert is intense, genuine, and one that I genuinely believe that no other band in the world can ever recreate. Their contribution to the changes in society, music and culture throughout the last 50 years is undeniable and could be felt during their entire performance, making them, in my opinion, well deserving of the title of Best Band of All Time.

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