Two years is a VERY long time. Especially for Taylor Swift fans. And two years is the amount of time that they had to wait for the singer to come back on tour. But when Taylor Swift came on stage, every second over the past two seemingly never ending years was immediately worth wait as the sold out crowd of 54,000 in the Rogers Centre lit up into an incredible, visual and captivating experience that left every fan in awe.
Whether or not you like Taylor Swift, there’s a HUGE chance that you “Shake It Off” (cue fake laughter) to at least one of her hits when they come on the radio. And since, being the incredible artist she is, she’s had so many amazing singles, the entire set list of the night was composed of incredible songs, one after another, which were each brought to life with incredible costumes, dancers, stage props, and incredible lighting. Taylor Swift is an incredible singer, that much is obvious, but her live performance proved that she is also an incredible performer, visionary, and is completely in control of the amazing theatrical show that was put on. From arriving to the stadium to the very last song, every detail of the show was thoroughly thought out to deliver the optimal experience to every fan in the audience.
Once arrived to the stadium, everyone received a bracelet which lit up the entire stadium as soon as the show started, leaving no one behind in the darkness of the crowd. Swift even acknowledged this by thanking every individual who decided to spend their Friday night with her, and saying that loves being able to see every single person in the crowd instead of looking into darkness. About halfway through the concert, she once again established her incredible relationship with her fans by giving a long, inspiring, genuine and honest speech about friendship, love, breakups, and heartbreak, just before singing her powerful song “Clean”, which literally had everyone around me, and the entire stadium, in tears.

“Here’s the thing about when your heart is broken. I think about it a lot, I think that for people that are heartbroken time slows down to a much more gradual pace and you’re walking around and you feel like heartbreak is written across your forehead, like everyone else can see it. And I think that the worst part about heartbreaking is if you think about what it takes to let somebody into your life, what it takes to fall in love or even just trust someone enough to make a new friend, it takes vulnerability, it takes letting down your walls and letting somebody in and it takes trusting someone. And I think that the worst part or when your heart is broken, or you get betrayed, or somebody leaves you, is that the first thing you do is regretting letting them in, trusting them, and being vulnerable. You sit there and you think “I’m so stupid. Why did I do that… why did I trust that person? Why didn’t I play mind games with them? You’re supposed to mess with their heads that’s what everyone says but I just let them in… why did I do that”. And I just want you to know that you can regret a lot of things in your life, and regrets are valid, but trusting someone, letting someone in, and being vulnerable are not valid regrets you should never feel stupid for doing them. So then you have to move on and you have to replace these habits of the places where u let that person into your life, and you have to fill holes where u made spaces for them, and its hard in the beginning, I’m sure, but what might end up happening is you’re replacing all the time you spent with that person with your friends who actually care about you instead. And maybe the decisions u start to make are no longer based on what someone that you’re in love with might want you to do, maybe they’re based on what you want to do. And little by little, you start filling in the gaps and more and more each day, time passes and you start to forget. And you felt like heartbreak was written across your forehead, and then one day, whether it’s a year later, or a month later, three years later, or seven days later, you look in the mirror and you don’t see heartbreak written anywhere on you anymore. And in that moment, in that moment you’re clean”

One major thing that Swift is associated with is her incredible ability to overcome every negative rumour and negative press that seem to follow her, which she uses to encourage and inspire all of her fans. One of my favourite things about her is the way she promotes doing whatever makes you happy without worrying about negative opinions, which is a message that Swift successively develops at all of hers shows by encouraging her fans to wear incredible, elaborative costumes and to bring amazing homemade signs. Wherever you turned, there were people wrapped in lights, dressed up as a cats, in costumes that represented their favourite Taylor Swift songs, and even some girls dressed as pink sparkly castles (which was definitely not me… I swear). The relationship that Taylor Swift has with her fans is incredible, and she even rewards some with a free meet and greet opportunity after each show, which is something that is practically unheard of for an artist of her scale.

Taylor Swift has worked extremely hard to achieve her incredible success, and her shows definitely do not fall short of that. She sings with incredible vocals, and has put tremendous effort into bring each song to life with beautiful costumes, amazing dancers, and incredible props and lights, ensuring that everyone left with an incredible experience and unforgettable memory.

Be sure to check out our pics from the night, and videos of “New Romantics“, and “I Know Places“.

1989 Tour Setlist:
Welcome to New York
New Romantics
Blank Space
I Knew You Were Trouble
I Wish You Would
How You Get the Girl
I Know Places
Love Story
Bad Blood
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
Enchanted/Wildest Dreams
Out of the Woods
Shake It Off