The 1975
To explain this concert, all I really have to do is describe Matty Healy dressed in all black, with an open shirt so that his chest tattoo was visible, either smoking or drinking from a bottle of red wine while singing in front of 3000 screaming fans. But instead I’ll explain everything since no one else will listen to me.
Hours before the concert started, fans of the 1975 had been lining up outside the venue since morning, and for some, since the night before. Without even entering the venue, it was obvious that the concert would be amazing. When the lights inside the venue finally dimmed and the intro music to their song M.O.N.E.Y started to become increasingly louder, all the energy and excitement that had nearly been lost while waiting for over 14 hours, wearing four layers of socks and thinking of how I had imagined spending my teenage years differently, was immediately brought back. The band walked on stage and was immediately greeted with the screams of every fan in the venue (in other words, it got very loud). The simplicity of their stage set up combined with the smoke machines on either side of the stage reflected the cool, peaceful and relaxed vibe that their songs create and their all black attire contrasted the pop vibe of their songs. The 1975’s performance was energetic, engaging and their music sounded just as amazing live as it does recorded. Although they didn’t sing their new single “Medicine”, their set list was composed of a mixture of both songs from their latest ablum “The 1975” and songs off of their early EP’s which was inviting to new fans, and reminded original fans of why they were there. Matty Healy spent his time moving from one side on the stage to the other, ensuring that no one was excluded, and leaving everyone with an amazing experience.