After seeing The 1975 live twice, I can honestly say that their shows have been some of the most incredible and unique that I have ever seen. When they perform, the band creates a cool, peaceful and relaxed atmosphere that fills the venue and accurately reflects the overall image that the band portrays. The 1975’s performance is engaging, and their music sounds just as amazing live as it does recorded. Nothing about their performance ever feels staged, and each band member is authentically themselves, which is refreshing for the audience. The entire show is incredibly entertaining and each second is spent either wanting to dance or do nothing except listen to the lyrics that Matty Healy sings with intense passion.

Whether or not you are a huge fan of the band, it is a show that you can go to without knowing any songs and still have the most amazing time just listening to the lyrics.

To find tickets, they are being sold on Ticketmaster, however, most shows are sold out, so I would recommend checking out StubHub.